About PD Consultants

PD Consultants was founded in 1988 by a small group of businessmen and women, each with his or her own area of expertise, in order to help individuals bring their ideas to fruition.

Unrivalled Support

The market is tough, even more so in this recession and starting up your own business can be a challenge.  Our team has over fifty year’s collective experience in the small business market.

Building Your Brand

From initial concept to going global and everything in between.  We will help you develop the self-confidence required to seize your dreams, develop your brand and unleash your potential.

About Us

PD Consultants is ready to get involved with your business idea and start developing it.  Through strategic planning and round table discussions with our team of experts, we can lay out a business strategy that works with you and your idea.    We have a twenty-five year track record of using client ideas to create long-term financial success, all with little to no initial investment.

Business Strategists

PD Consultants understands the difficulty in trying to find quality help.  You want your business idea to have every success it deserves, so when you need help developing and executing business strategies to find and keep clientele, PD Consultants can help you get the results and the financial success you want.     We have the knowledge, experience, and business-savvy expertise to help you from initial idea to long-term business and marketplace success, all with flexible rates to suit your budget.   PD Consultants offers an eclectic mixture of business and idea development strategy that is both practical and pragmatic, while completely cost effective.

Our specialisation

Personal Development
Employee Developement
Brand Development

Our Services

  • Personal Development

    The first step to having a successful business is losing the fear of failure.  We will help you develop the self-confidence required to seize your dreams.

  • 👥

    Employee Development

    PD Consultants will teach you how to manage other people, from hiring to keeping employees long-term.

  • 💡

    Idea Development

    PD Consultants put our team to work with you to conceptualize your goals, and from there build a foundation to connect your idea with that end goal in mind.

  • 🔗

    Brand Development

    Your brand will be the most crucial aspect of your business.  Your brand is who you are as an individual and what your company represents in the marketplace.

  • 🏆

    Marketing and Sales

    Once the business is up and running, we will continue to consult with you over the financial side of your business, looking at both short-term and long-term strategies for financial success while maintaining a strong brand image.

What others say about us

PD Consultants helped me go from being an employed hairdresser to owner of my own salon.  Our five year anniversary is next week.

Mia DuffyBlackrock Salon Tipton

In 2001, my fashion outlet on the high street began to falter.  PD Consultants completely changed my business strategy, and now we will break profit goals again this year.

Anna VandanaFashionably Late Hastings

Our business was revolutionized!  Business couldn’t be better!

Max SheppardSheppard Travel Dalton

We really benefited from PD Consultant’s personalized approach to our company rather than a standard, pre-boxed service.  They worked with us on some difficult decisions, and we’re better for it.

George OwensGeneral Manager of GameSpot, East London
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