Our Services

PD Consultants can help you get the results and the financial success you want. We offer an eclectic mixture of business and idea development strategy that is both practical and pragmatic, while completely cost effective.

We have the knowledge, experience, and business-savvy expertise to help you from initial idea to long-term business and marketplace success, all with flexible rates to suit your budget.

PD Consultants is ready to get involved with your business idea and start developing it. Through strategic planning and round table discussions with our team of experts, we can lay out a business strategy that works with you and your idea. We have a twenty-five year track record of using client ideas to create long-term financial success, all with little to no initial investment.

Personal Development


    The first step to having a successful business is losing the fear of failure.  We will help you develop the self-confidence required to seize your dreams.

  • Life Coaching

    The first step to having a successful business is losing the fear of failure.  We will help you develop the self-confidence required to seize your dreams.  Once you are confident in yourself and your potential, success is unlimited.

  • Idea Development

    PD Consultants put our team to work with you to conceptualize your goals, and from there build a foundation to connect your idea with that end goal in mind.  The planning phase will lay a strong foundational business model on which to start building.

Employee Development

  • Employee Development

    PD Consultants will teach you how to manage other people, from hiring to keeping employees long-term.  We will help you strategise employee engagement incentives within your company to ensure your staff are both happy and representing your brand well.

  • Team Development

    You not only need people who work well with each other, but also a business environment that cultivates a healthy workplace and healthy workplace relationships.  Studies show that individuals who are a part of a well-organized team of people with good interpersonal relationships stay with companies far longer, and you will want that kind of loyalty moving forward with your business.

  • Successful Company

    Every step along the way is working towards turning your idea into a successful company.  From hiring your first employee to managing a large office full of them, PD Consultants is with you every step of the way to turn your dreams into a reality.

Brand Development

  • Brand Development

    Branding is how your customers will identify with your product or service, which is why it’s important that that brand image be strong, confident, and regarded as a good, honest product or service.  We will help to expand your brand exposure in both the market and across social media.

  • Manufacturing

    If you are looking to develop a physical product, PD Consultants can manage the entire manufacturing process for you, with you deciding how involved you’d like to be.  We will ensure quality and efficiency that represents your brand to the highest of standards.

  • Marketing and Sales

    Once the business is up and running, we will continue to consult with you over the financial side of your business, looking at both short-term and long-term strategies for financial success while maintaining a strong brand image.

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